Second Edition

Opening windows onto community

2020 has globally redefined our common lives as we have been forced to reconceive them both in terms of time and space, leading us to a profound reflection on the social changes which will follow. Windows have become our real and metaphorical vantage points from which we observe our world and the new scenarios awaiting our local and global communities.

As crisis exacerbates inequalities, new perspectives on dialogue and cooperation are emerging just when they seem more necessary than ever. We have learnt to observe the world from a distance, while we also got closer to ourselves by practicing a mindful introspection.  Living-without-others allows us to reflect on the sense of our community and challenges us to keep building and finding new identities and meanings.


207 Artworks

represented by
photography, painting,
digital art, collage,
illustration, mixed arts

34 Under 21

artworks has been presented
in the category Youth.
Countries of origin: Italy, India,
Nigeria, Réunion, South Africa,
UK and USA.

27 Countries

the artworks are coming from
27 countries covering 5
continents: Europe, Asia, South
America, Africa and Oceania

Jury members

Éléonore False

Éléonore False

Artist and art teacher.

Dora Djamila Mester

Dora Djamila Mester

Trainer and educator in the field of sexuality, gender, identity and interculturality.

Igor Scalisi Palminteri

Igor Scalisi Palminteri

Artist and educator.

Grazia Salierno

Grazia Salierno

Figurative artist. The winner of the Art and Act contest 2019 – Marie Marzloff Award.

Honorary members

Léa Marzloff and Giovanni Lo Biundo

President of the jury

Vito La Fata, President of CESIE

Awarded artworks

“One day, We began to spread the white foam on our entire body. The white color is a color for the margin. The white sea foam we spread on our body will protect us. We will become the white sea foam. We will be the one. We will be a courage for each other. We will be a light for each other. We will be an awakening spring. We will be a zero to be near the infinite”.

“In between a dimmed present and – hopefully – a transparent future, this artwork is an attempt to rethink a place of encounters and relationships: in an interplay of direct lights and reflections we shaped movements, borders and shadows hiding the most crystalline and authentic humanity.”

“In each of us there are measures where revive places that surround and overwhelm us. These are shapes, that change with the changing of the state of our soul, emotions and testify implacable correlations between our subjectivity and the world where we reflect and live in. An intimate space rich in multiple symbolic meanings that it’s a reflection of our psychic identity”.

“We used to travel the world, but now we travel to discover ourselves”

Catalogue of Artworks