“Marie Marzloff” Award

Promoted by the CESIE, Art and Act is an art contest inspired by the ideas of Marie Marzloff (02/11/1980-13/02/2018).

Marie Marzloff was the Deputy Director at CESIE, responsible for the HR and International cooperation department. Her journey started in 2004 when she began working for the European volunteer service in Palermo. Marie instantly became one of the most active and convinced supporters of the CESIE’s mission and work, contributing to the center’s growth and its successful performance on both European and international levels.

The idea of the contest lies between Marie’s passion for art, literature, and diversity with a strong focus on gender equality, intercultural dialogue, and support of joint international actions.
Inspired by the journey of Marie who always brought ideas to life following her passions. Thus, an intercultural dialogue interpreted by the universal language of art becomes a form of communication and education.
Anyone who was lucky enough to work with her has gained a unique learning experience leading to new horizons and possibilities. Marie always knew to give a piece of advice to dispel all doubt and to help find ideas and unusual solutions.
Marie was the energy, drive and soul of CESIE.

We wish that her curiosity and ability to combine ideas coming from places which are very different from each other will continue to inspire others.



Modern day events are bringing a lot of confusion and disorientation to our communities. To deal with such complexity what we probably need is to “dare to mend”: urging ourselves to question our present and defining our place as humans between the actual reality and the desired one.

As Louise Bourgeois has always claimed, the act of sewing can be compared to a process of emotional repair.

Following her words, as a humanity, we are called to tie all the loose ends of civilization together darning the material that we consist of by taking care of the relations that we stitch every day, weaving harmoniously our dreams and desires to transform the reality.

As an instrument to decompose and rebuild reality, art offers images beyond its logic and intuition creating new ways of seeing the world and making the first step toward the change.


What shapes, colours and images would you use to mend the fabric of the world?


  1. Participants can be of any age and country of origine.
  2. Candidates must submit an original work.
  3. All types of works related to the following graphic arts are allowed: drawing, illustration, painting, digital art, photography, comics, collage and mixed techniques.
  4. Groups of artists or artistic collectives can also take part in the competition. Each artist, group or collective can participate by presenting only one work.
  5. Participation in the competition is free.
  6. The participant undertakes, from the moment of registration in the competition, to transfer the winning work in its material state on a free of charge basis to the CESIE, as well as any rights and powers to use the work itself.
  7. Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of the rules and judgment of the jury.


  1. Go to the website, section Apply and create your account.
  2. After the registration of your account, you will find the application form.
  3. Upload the digital version of the artwork (photo or scan version) in JPEG form or in high definition format (min 300 dpi), under penalty of exclusion.
  4. In the application form you should include a short text in English describing the artwork or an accompanying text message. The text limit is 400 characters.
  5. Apply by the 30th of June 2022.


Received works will be evaluated in accordance with the following aspects:

  • coincidence with the proposed theme and related challenges;
  • creativity and originality;
  • ability to stimulate imagination and critical thinking;
  • visual impact.

Submissions that promote discriminatory messages and/or incite violence will be automatically excluded.


The members of the judging panel will be announced not later than 30th of May 2022.


The winning works will be announced not later than 15th of October 2022. The awards to be assigned:

  • Art and Act Award – Marie Marzloff: €1000
  • Award for Outstanding Artivism potential: € 500
  • Youth Award: a special youth award will be introduced for artists under the age of 21. The winning works can be used as a part of the communication campaign of the CESIE center of studies and initiatives.


Selected works judged to have the greatest impact will be digitally presented during an exhibition organized by the CESIE.

All submitted works that meet the required criteria of the contest will be inserted in the catalog Art and Act III Edition.