Dare to mend

Modern day events are bringing a lot of confusion and disorientation to our communities. To deal with such complexity what we probably need is to “dare to mend”: urging ourselves to question our present and defining our place as humans between the actual reality and the desired one.

As Louise Bourgeois has always claimed, the act of sewing can be compared to a process of emotional repair.
Following her words, as a humanity, we are called to tie all the loose ends of civilization together darning the material that we consist of by taking care of the relations that we stitch every day, weaving harmoniously our dreams and desires to transform the reality.

As an instrument to decompose and rebuild reality, art offers images beyond its logic and intuition creating new ways of seeing the world and making the first step toward the change.

What shapes, colours and images would you use to mend the fabric of the world?

Art and Act Contest - “Marie Marzloff” Award - III Edition